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Why Raw Food?

"Balanced Diet". This phrase leads us to believe that a diet for dogs must trend towards a center or norm. This is true in itself; however that is not what the processed manufacturers really mean. Their version relates to the chemical make-up of their product. In their view a balanced diet is combination of base protein, heat separated fats, and mineralized vitamin compounds that try to duplicate the daily requirements for pets.
What We Do

What is in our food? Just raw natural ingredients!!! We use meat from inspected sources, NOT from a rendering plant! This meat is then either ground (bone-in) or left whole for those that prefer to feed whole raw meaty bones.

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Food Safety in Raw Pet Food Manufacturing

At Mountain Dog Foods, the health and safety of both your pets and family is paramount. We strive to give you the confidence that you are feeding your pets a safe raw food. Read about Mountain Dog Food's food safety certifications here.

Our Products
Browse our wide range of products aimed to best suit your pet. Both dog and cat food is produced at Mountain Dog Food. Our dog food comes in 10 different flavours, including small dog. Cat food comes in chicken and turkey options.

What Our Customers Say

Read product testimonials provided by our customers! See how Mountain Dog Food can benefit you and your pet.

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